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Throws are smaller than blankets and made from a wide variety of materials. You'll find the size and fabric used either on the package or at the internet site where you purchase it.The two most popular fabric used in throws are fleece and more decorative tapestry style throws. While the tapestry style throw is lighter weight, so it's primarily for looks, the fleece one can be used as a small cover to keep your feet or legs warm whether in another room watching television or at your computer. In fact, fleece throws have even been turned into something you wear by the manufacturer integrating arms into the throw. You can see why they're used in many rooms of the house.
There are so many different options when looking for bedding, it can often be quite a challenge to find exactly the right addition. Two different bedding accessories are often confused or thought interchangeable, but they're not. These are throws and blankets. While both add style and colour to a bedroom, each one serves a different purpose, even though these purposes may overlap.
A throws primary purpose, particularly if it's a tapestry-like throw, is for decoration. By choosing simple bedding, you can get a variety of different looks by topping it with different decorative throws. Each one can bring a new look, particularly when matched to other bedroom accessories. Throws are an inexpensive way to change your bedroom's appeal and flavour.